Sports Massage

Sports massage is a unique deep tissue massage incorporating different pressures and techniques throughout the treatment. Massage is done on the muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia helping to prevent injury, improve flexibility,  correct poor posture, improve performace, improve range of motion, aid in the recovery of injury, break down scar tissue from previous injury and prevent it after a current injury. 

Varying massage techniques are used, along with soft tissue release, stretching, trigger point release, fascia work and muscle energy techniques.  Sports massage is great at treating a range of problems and injuries, such as muscle tears and spasms, migraines, fibromyalgi, sciatica, shin splints, tennis elbow, carpel tunnel syndrome, frozen shoulder and back pain, but to name a few.

It is a deep massage so it is not generally classed as 'relaxing', but treatment is always done within the clients pain threshold.

Gait Analysis

This session involves a postural and foot assessment, a physical examination with special tests which includes looking for muscle weakness/imbalance and range of movement.  We will then get you on the treadmill where I will take a video of you walking and running from three different aspects.  Lastly, we will sit and go through the slow motion videos together, where we will identify any abnormalities in technique along with the previous test findings and devise a plan to resolve any imbalances and implement a plan.  Perfect for all runners wishing to improve, interested in technique, experience pain when running or have a recurring injury.

Kinesiology Taping

This brightly coloured tape is seen at nearly all gyms or sporting events across the world, whether amateur or professional and is extremely popular amongst athletes.  When applied a certain way it can give support whilst still allowing full range of movement due to its amazing stretchiness.  It can also be used to improve posture, reduce inflammation and bruising and aid recovery from lots of common injuries, such as plantar fasciitis, shin splints, sprains, knee pain, muscle strains and back pain, to mention a few.

If you are coming for taping, please make sure that no moisturising cream has been applied that day and that any excess body hair has been removed, to allow the tape to stick.

Fire Cupping

Using glass cups, I use this ancient Chinese technique to treat a range of symptoms where massage may be too deep, such as on muscle spasms, any work that needs to be done over the spine or if a sports massage may be too deep for someone.  It is also useful for treating fibromyalgia, the common cold and common sports injuries, such as tennis elbow.

I can work at varying depths with this technique and I use oil to allow the cups to slide easily whilst they 'lift' the skin, facia and muscle underneath.  

If you are coming for a cupping treatment, please make sure any excess body hair has been removed to prevent an unpleasant 'dragging' feeling during treatment.  It is also worth noting that 'wheels' from the cups can be visible for up to 10 days or slightly longer.

Myofascial Release

Fascia is a connective tissue which surrounds our muscles and envelopes our entire bodies.  Inflammation, thickening, tightness and fibrosis of the fascia from surgery or injury can limit our range of motion, cause pain and discomfort and create many health problems. 

Myofascial release focuses on soft consistant pressure on the soft tissues to release fascial blockages and restrictions, with the aim being to lengthen the fascia and improve flexibility, reduce pain and increase immune function.  It is really helpful with conditions such as back pain, fibromyalgia, carpel tunnel syndrome and migraine headaches to name a few.

Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy massage can not only benefit the Mother but also to the unborn baby, due to the 'feel good' endorphins which are released during massage.  Pregnancy is an exciting time but it can also be quite stressful, so massage can help to reduce stress levels and make Mum more aware of her body, which helps with her ability to relax during the 1st stage of labour.  Pregnancy massage has many benfits, such as stimulating Mums circulation, lymphatic drainage which helps to reduce swelling and carpal tunnel syndrome, sluggish bowel movement, releases muscular tension, aches and pains, helps to relieve the discomfort of sciatica and Symphisis Pubis Dysfunction, releases compression on the nerves caused by muscle tension and swelling, helps to avoid varicose veins developing, helps to lower or keep high blood pressure balanced and encourages the release of oxytocin which is a pain relieving hormone.

This is a complimentary rather than an alternative treatment to normal maternity care, so before a treatment can be received, I need written permission from your midwife or Doctor.


1 hour Deep tissue sports massage £35

Gait Analysis £45 (allow 75mins)

45min Deep tissue sports massage £30

30min Deep tissue sports massage £20

Pre-event sports massage £15

Post event sports massage £30

Pre and post massages £35 (when booked together)

1 hour Myofascial release treatment £35

Kinesiology taping £7 (per body area)

1 hour Pregnancy Massage £45

45min Fire Cupping treatment £30

Gift vouchers are also available.

*Unfortunately, if you fail to attend an appointment or fail to give 24 hours

cancellation notice, then the session will still be charged for and will be payable before any future treatments can be given.