Geoffrey Beetham, 2013 Duathlon World Champion " Oakham Sports Massage were pivotal in my victory, I couldn't have sustained the training without them."

Fern, Expert mountain biker and fell runner "OSM really helped with the transition from mountain biking to running.  My hamstrings used to get really tight but the deep tissue massage has eased that substantially."

Phil Andrews, Cricketer " I had really bad rotator cuff problems which meant I couldn't play at all.  I've now had several weeks of treatment with OSM and am back in the game!."

Ryan, Elite endurance mountain biker "Oakham Sports Massage are part of my training regime.  On a day off training there is nothing better than some serious stretching and a good massage."

Paul, Runner "My legs take a pounding some days, so I have regular massages to keep me ticking over.  I've definitely had less injuries since having frequent massages... I can see why the professionals have them."

Rob, Rugby "After years playing rugby the scrum starts to take its toll. OSM has given me a new lease of life and injected much needed pace into my game."